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What is Sexual Assault?

Sexual assault is any sexual contact without a person’s consent. This includes flashing, obscene phone calls, verbal and/or sexual harassment, touching or hurting the sexual parts of a person’s body, or sexual contact of any kind without consent.


What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence – also known as intimate partner violence – is any abuse that occurs between two people who are or have been in an intimate partner relationship or have a child together. Abuse includes physical, sexual, emotional, stalking, and neglect.


I would like to leave my abuser and enter the Stand Up Placer Safe House. What should I do?

Call our 24-hour Crisis Line at 800.575.5352 from a safe location. Trained Crisis Counselors will assist you in creating a safety plan and then help you identify what your next steps.


I want to relocate away from my abuser, but I don’t have the finances to do so. What can I do?

Call our 24-hour Crisis Line at 800.575.5352 from a safe location. The Crisis Counselor will assist you in creating a safety plan and assist you with planning your next steps.


I am concerned for my safety and would like to obtain a restraining order against my abuser. How does this process work?

Legal Advocates at the Roseville or Auburn Services offices can assist you with this process. Stand Up Placer staff will help you prepare the Temporary Restraining Order Paperwork as well as prepare you to navigate the family court system. Call the Roseville or Auburn Service office to schedule an appointment.


I have court next week for my Temporary Restraining Order and I am afraid to go alone because my abuser will be there. What can I do?

Stand Up Placer offers pre-scheduled court accompaniment for Temporary Restraining Order hearings. Stop by or call either the Roseville or Auburn office as soon as possible to ask about having an advocate accompany you to court.


I experienced domestic violence in my past, but am still dealing with some issues because of it. I want to get some therapy, but I can’t afford it. Is there anything I can do?

Both the Roseville and Auburn Stand Up Placer offices provide therapy to victims of domestic violence. Therapy is offered to individuals and even family members who have been affected by domestic violence regardless of ability to pay. Both offices also offer a Domestic Violence Drop-in Support Group as well, which can be very beneficial to healing.


I am a victim of sexual assault, but I do not want to report it to law enforcement. Is there any help out there for me?

Stand Up Placer provides therapy to victims of sexual assault at both the Roseville and Auburn locations. Therapy is also available to family members who have been affected by the sexual assault. You do not need to agree to report to law enforcement in order to receive our assistance. Our crisis counselors can assist you in identifying and accessing the treatment to meet your needs.