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Holiday Message 2016

Olivia’s Story




My name is Olivia. I’m six. I love going to school and I love my little brother, Ben. My teacher says I’m really quiet. I like to watch the other kids play, but I don’t join them. We work on art projects. We did a show today at school. We read poems about things we do with our families on the holidays. My Mommy and Daddy didn’t come. I take the bus every day. I sit alone. On the way home, my heart starts to beat so fast. I think about what is happening at my house. Is Ben hungry and sad? Does Mommy have a new owie on her face? Is Daddy angry again? The bus stops at the corner. I don’t want to get off. I try hard not to cry, but I do. I walk super slow. I stop outside my front door. I hear Daddy yelling. I hear Ben crying. I see Mommy through the window. She is crying too. I don’t want to go in. I’m scared!

Every day in our community children like Olivia face domestic violence. Every night there are over 50 children in Stand Up Placer’s Safe House and Housing Program. There are many more who still live in violent homes.

Stand Up Placer is committed to making sure these children have a safe place to sleep every night of the year and that their holidays are safe, healthy, and happy.

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